Project 2 Blog Post 1

I was a bit nervous going into project two, because of the complexity of the concepts. After going through the readings and discussing them in class I feel as though I have a much better idea of how this project will flow together. The readings have given me a much better understanding for how companies use this sort of technology, similar to voyant, to figure out where our interests lie and how they can better market products to our exact tastes. I find this very fascinating since my major is marketing, and it is cool to see how that has changed from just ads and commercials to really programming different things to understand and get smarter with the marketing procedures themselves. However, volant is not always right. It can be tricked by different adds, and unrelated conversation within the same text. In order to get around this I will pull directly from conversations. It is very important to understand that just because voyant exists online and is generated by a machine, it does not mean that it is fool proof by any means. There are many entities that can squee your data when taken from the internet. It was very interesting to read and discus about how you never know if you are getting a fair price for a plane ticket because the websites know who frequently flies and where you may be looking for flights to and then they will give you the same prices for all airlines. This type of technology makes it difficult to know if you are ever getting a good deal on the things you buy and that can bring trust down at so many places. In this day and age however, we are so dependent on the internet providing us with information that we take the first tidbit we get without questioning it. It is important to question your resources, but also to remain unafraid and not paranoid. New-York-to-Miami-Fares.jpg


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