“Online Literacy is a Lesser Kind”- Response

Now is a “critical time, when electronic media are becoming the dominant influence in young people’s worlds”

In my understanding of this article, Mark Bauerlein is making an assertion that electronic media being the dominant influence in young people is a bad thing. I don’t agree with his assumptions, but rather see the implementation of media as a form of progression. It does rely on young people actively participating in social media and understanding where the truth lies within it all, sure. But electronic media is not an outside force acting on young people, it is a tool to which they can change and use to improve upon their knowledge of the world and what is occurring. I have become much more in touch with the world and all that is happening around the world politically, financially; beyond that, I know much more about the cultural and happenings around the world that relate to my passion, snowboarding. I dove into social media during my junior year of high school and from there have grown intellectually about so many different topics but only because I am literate in the technology. Electronic media is becoming the dominant influence in young people’s worlds. Electronic media is an outlet, a resource, a form of creative expression, and a tool. Through Electronic media I have found ways to intertwine my passions and my desired work. My goal post college is to graduate with major in marketing and eventually become the content marketing manager for Burton Snowboards. This long term goal wouldn’t have been possible without electronic media being a dominant influence in my life. Mark Bauerlein is not wrong in thinking that this is a critical time. It is critical in the sense that without the youth, and others, to be properly educated on electronic media. screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-2-29-22-pm

Sources: Adobe Spark, offthemark.com, pcsteps.com


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